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Poster: crazy-language Date: May 26, 2011 3:07pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: [Crazy Language] a few new releases - pt.1

hi, just want to let you know about or latest releases. i decided to do 2 collective threads cause there are a few. unfortunately i have not used this forum for ages and would like to inform you. i hope that's ok with you ;)

cl-039 | Autemu - This EP

This is This

Rejoice! “This EP”, all the way from Macedonia stands as a landmark for Crazy Language for being the first gal produced EP on the label! In the land of male geeks, some light as been shed, alongside with originality and expert crafts(wo)manship from Nina on self recorded/developed beats that keep on evolving and cracking your brain at every twisted turn. It has a very DIY feeling throghout and whilst most of the immediate work is beat-driven, you’ll also find extremely mellow and intricate lo-fi melodies hiding behind the intense foley recordings.

A meeting of the best deconstructing digital techniques, original recorded work, allied with a unique way of making song structures sets the bar very high for future Autemu releases. [F.G.]

style: electronic, experimental, glitch, abstract



cl-038 | Datacrashrobot - Asynchronous I/O

01000100 01000011 01010010

Bouncing glitches, echoed sub basses, walls of bleeps and flows of reduced tones: there's a lot to hear in Datacrashrobot's new album. With "Asynchronous I/O", Romania's Sorin Paun comes back to Crazy Language, on which he has already released two EPs under the Randomform moniker within the last years. This time around, though, things have become lusher, trickier, fuller.

A particularly abundant sonic trip, this new album takes its listener to a wild ride into a multi-tonal world made of very detailed, carefully crafted ensembles. May it be old school beats or futuristic sounding glitches and vocal snippets, Datacrashrobot manages to juggle with a wide array of sounds, perform some highly acrobatic material, and still land on its feet. At times luring his listener with an accessible retro-feeling, at times giving a passing nod to such forefathers as Autechre, and at times building menacing arrangements of complex beats, this album impresses by the multitude of its layers as well as with the accuracy of its compositions.

It somewhat shouldn't come as a surprise that "Asynchronous I/O" can sound so complex and yet mature: Sorin Paun is no newcomer. With a dozen releases on various labels, this musician has acquired the experience and reputation of a talented bleep-smith, and this all transcribes perfectly in this new album. Enriched with remixes by his label-mates Huron, XZICD, AESTATE, Randomform, [__cut_repeat] and Mitoma the six original tracks and their at times playful, at times melodic re-interpretation form a byzantine yet deep album. Multiples listens might be required to grasp Datacrashrobot's aim and tools, but the effort is very rewarding one. (Nicolas Chevreux)

style: dark electro experimental, glitch




cl-037 | NNID - Incoming Cataclysm

Human Tragedy

Maybe this is the most clear and precise way for the collective NNID to express their particular worldview regarding the role of humans in their self-destructive path towards this utopic environment created by us, at our own image and convenience. Our unstoppable trend towards regressive evolution. An intimate journey into fear and its consequences.
And the universe around us. Untamed, unknown and quasi- virgin. Is this the final frontier? The desired forbidden fruit in our inexhaustible yearning for power? The “whole”, many of us refer to, tells us nothing and leaves us blank in its incoming cataclysm. This is what is known of our existence and yet we know nothing.

style: dark electronica experimental



cl-036 | XZICD - Dren

Dren is inspired by old-school analog electronica shows, in which the machines are at the basis of the sound. The whole set uses digital software directly in MIDI, meaning that although I start from a certain patch - the progression is variably infinite and never the same as all the changes are made directly on the sound itself (rather than just modifying pre-existing audio with external effects).
Without sticking to a specific musical genre i tried to change my sonic approach each time so that the flow of the tracks is constantly fluctuating and changing as opposed to the solid / defined state of a 'recorded' song.
Assigning small tasks to myself, such as trying to emulate vintage analog synths with modern software and making my own synthesized drum kits encouraged me to exercise using different techniques and to problem solve while improvising.
It was also great fun!

style: electronica, experimental, acid, old-school,
abstract, glitch



cl-035 | V.A. - Crazy Compilation #5

Retrospectacular Prospect

Once again, time for a little sit at the table Christmas family reunion, to exchange gifts and make a little balance of last year's difficulttimes. Grandpas of Crazy-Language are still in top form, clearly provingthey're here to stay until the need of some disaper change; whilst the children are running around like loonatics, showcasing their brand newfresh ideas, energy and clear will to leave a mark in the future.

Overpowering glitches, soft as pie melodies, insane in the membranebreaks, experimentalisms from the depths of hell, pads thrown to earth by heaven, amongst other special yummy production techniques are all wrapped up tightly with a nice bow design by CL?s specialdesigner Sarge Grafx. So, our gift to you is this deliciously served codfish compilation, full of little musical gems, serving right as a break from thoseannoying shopping mall Christmas tunes, in favor of some grand Electronica tunes from all genres imaginable! And best of all... No frickin' socks inside!

See you in 2011


01. rumorse - Welcoming Fireflies (3:15)
02. Adapt - Jupiter in Dub (4:20)
03. Huron - Complicated (6:49)
04. Iqbit - D.O.N. (7:21)
05. aAirial - While True (3:35)
06. Sintetic Collage - Amplitud (6:41)
07. Yvat - Tousle (4:27)
08. ENV(itre) - Tetrafield (5:17)
09. Plaster - Cubichord (5:41)
10. Ralp - Heperioth (3:56)
11. Rec Overflow - Aleatore (7:48)
12. Zeno - Modular 2 (4:20)
13. XZICD - Fear Da Bomb, You Cunts! (improv 9 112020 X-Mas Sessions) (7:49)
14. FMcontrol - Ghira Plant (6:19)
15. DNN - Tears For Grandma (6:33)
16. Pleq - Wire Right Of Sorrow (4:44)
17. Randomform - Cybervetic (4:32)
18. Jfrank - Noise For BS 6 (4:28)
19. Vodor L Zeck - Chickensoup (3:40)
20. Syl Kougaï - Candylicker (5:59)
21. Omnta - Fraction (3:26)
22. Datacrashrobot - Abando (5:09)
23. Logical Disorder - Prince Of Poverty (5:36)
24. AZ-Rotator - Multiverse (5:32)
25. Elypixa - FullnessO2 (3:24)
26. Burdeos - I Hope You Feel Better (5:56)
27. Exosphere - Lonely Tree (3:42)
28. Lucidstatic - I Had Forgotten You (5:25)
29. Enabl.ed - Metha (2:33)

style: IDM, Experimental, Electro, Glitch, Dubstep, Ambient


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Poster: crazy-language Date: May 26, 2011 3:58pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: [Crazy Language] a few new releases - pt.1

i forgot a video ;)

cl-035 | Plaster - Cubichord: video by Lasal

Sound visualization made in vvvv with the amazing GPUparticles library from Dottore.